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The Featureds Products        

With us you are guaranteed original, attractive products and excellent services!   It is our mission to provide a good solution every customer and if necessary to invent something entirely new.   Virtually all of our customers are loyal to us because they know we always do an extra step.    

We strive to continually improve our services through well-oiled teamwork and meticulous control. The superior quality of the products we sell is guaranteed in part by the long-standing partnerships we have with our suppliers and subcontractors, and in part by the professional supervision and watchful project management provided by our hard-working staff.     

 We can supply at very good prices all range of soft drinks and, energy drinks in cans 330 ml  

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We can supply at very good prices all range of beer and malt drinks in botles and cans  

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Your very own private label beverages or custom label energy drink.  

For retailers , wholesalers, • low minimum orders • best prices •  bulk  pricing available  


Heavy-duty detergents suitable for domestic washing machines.  For all-purpose detergent hardness ranges.
It unfolded at all temperatures to 90 C full power washing.   With limescale! Water softener already included !       Packing quantity 1kg / 3kg / 5kg / 8kg

 On request we deliver the goods in the CI of your company - your brand.  We customize the design and layout with integration of your logo and slogans and all other important information for you. We also assume the making of the die and the pressure of your packaging.