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FMCG-GERMANY  is a European trading company based in the heart of Germany  with partners in Europe and Turkye. The core of our business is the international trade of beverages and fast moving consumer goods. We are a young and active company, and has built up a consistently solid reputation among traders and retailers as a preferred source for quality and select goods.  

We combine our global network of sourcing fast moving consumer goods, thereby ensuring a year-round supply of products. Our objective is to deliver high-quality products to a steady client base around the world. We work towards this goal which we see as the token of fast service, excellent quality and competitive prices.               

Cross-border trade  Independence is our codeword, because we can only purchase and sell quickly and flexibly in the world market if we remain an independent trading firm. In doing so, we exploit the differences in prices for the same product between countries.  

Warehousing and Logistics Your order is handled by various renowned warehouses in Europe. They are knowledgeable about the prevailing laws and regulations concerning customs forms for and excise duties on Spirits.  They can potentially also play a role in the payment, by means of an Escrow account .   

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We focus on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks,including soda water, mineralwater and fruit juices.

We optimize our work flow by working with regular partners, standardizing our procedures. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and exceptional service to all our International clients. 




From the customer's side lead times are important to ensure an orderly and timely operation of the productive system.  

That’s why we has developed fast products delivery worldwide, with all mayor carriers all over Europe, also containers shipment by sea worldwide through important shipping Companies.

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