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We specialise in the export of products to the ever growing markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  Of course this is not all we do, we also trade in parallel or grey imports of branded products enabling wholesalers and retailers the right to freedom of trade with sometimes cheaper products from the same manufacturers.  This leads to greater profits and greater savings.  Our aim is to offer quality services around the world from wide range of Suppliers and source the right products to meet customer requirements.  Our goal is to establish an on-going collaboration with our clients from which we will all profit.  






We encourage established and reliable Suppliers and Producers to approach us about developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

We focus on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks,including soda water, mineralwater and fruit juices.

We optimize our work flow by working with regular partners, standardizing our procedures. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and exceptional service to all our International clients. 




From the customer's side lead times are important to ensure an orderly and timely operation of the productive system.  

That’s why we has developed fast products delivery worldwide, with all mayor carriers all over Europe, also containers shipment by sea worldwide through important shipping Companies.

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